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Born from a vision to make a globally appealing feature film with no prior experience in the industry, Rookies Ambush quickly became the mantra for how to grind as hard as possible to realise a goal and shock the world.

Callan and Josh met in 2015, connecting immediately over shared admiration for Jason Blum and his approach to film making. Thinking ‘Why can’t we do that?’, they dove into creating The Naked Wanderer, a romantic comedy about an epic journey to find love.

Three years later the film is wrapping post-production, has sold to some of the biggest global territories, stars the legendary John Cleese, and plans for what’s next are in full swing.

Co-founders Callan Durlik (left) and Josh Horneman (right).

Co-founders Callan Durlik (left) and Josh Horneman (right).

Rookies Ambush creates content for global audiences that know what they want. We collaborate with talent across the world, leverage technology to meet our audiences anywhere and anytime, and work with major brands to support their stories being told.